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The Industry Insiders Quiz

On the last Friday of each month we publish a quick quiz to test the industry’s knowledge. Invitations are emailed at 4pm to those who are registered, and the chance to get on the leaderboard is open for 1 hour only – so you have to get in quick. We release the quiz publicly the following week and update the leaderboard to show who the biggest know-it-alls are.


Check the countdown for the next quiz and register for your monthly invitation in the big blue box below.




Get an invitation when the next quiz is released and we’ll keep you abreast of our news and updates.

2017 Leaderboard

Updated for November scores our 2017 Leaderboard is based on your running total for the last 3 quizzes.  Remember, in order for us to identify you as the same person in each quiz, please use the same name or email address each time.


1 17 Chris Ewers Meridian Energy
2 15 Jonathon Staite Electricity Authority
3 13 Roger Miller Electricity Authority
4 11 Stefan Kirkwood Powershop
5= 10 Kate Barker Freeman Media
5= 10 Neil Williams Pulse Energy


1 15 Lame Team Name Electricity Authority
2 14 Sir Frank Kitts Sapere Research Group
3 13 Drought Breakers Meridian Energy
4 10 Dismal Powerco
5 7 Penstocks NZX