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Whiteboard In-house Courses

Courses: at your place.

If you have a group of people keen on our course, we will come to you.  You provide a room, and we take care of everything else.

Participants prepare using the background online course material, so that when they turn up it’s time for us to get straight into the juicy bits. Often the class takes the reigns and focuses on the areas they are most interested in. This open format, complemented with simulations and case study discussions, leads to a much deeper understanding of this complex industry. Preparation for our courses consists of a range of interesting videos, primers and cases studies accessed via our innovative online environment, Lightbulb Interactive.

See below for a list of our in-house courses, or, if you’re interested in our online course offerings, see the list of available online courses.

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Security and Reliability

A more detailed look at how we keep the lights on and have a market. Rich in case study, simulation and demonstration.



Current in-house courses

Welcome to the Electricity Industry

The ideal overview course for those new to the electricity industry, or those wanting a high-level perspective of how the whole value chain fits together, from generation to delivery.

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Electricity Fundamentals

The perfect course for non-technical people in the electricity industry. Learn common industry jargon and the technical basics required to converse with the technical team.

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Markets and Behaviour

This course guides you to an understanding of what drives behaviour and decisions in the industry, the market outcomes, and the commercial tradeoffs being made by market participants.

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History and Politics Shaping the Future

Focusing on the complex dimension of senior decision making in the electricity industry, this course explores the influence politics has and how to navigate this. Rich historical examples build an understanding of how these factors continue to shape and influence this market.

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Investment and Decision Making

An ideal course for those needing to make or recommend complex strategic decisions. We provide the frameworks to approach this effectively, and the know-how to present thorough and compelling business cases.

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Security and Reliability

A more detailed look at how we keep the lights on and have a market. Rich in case study, simulation and demonstration.

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Erin Walshe
"As someone from outside the energy sector I found the course hugely beneficial and informative.  The course covered a substantial amount of detail of this important area of infrastructure.  It was taught is a very comprehensive manner that made use of hands on."