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News update

Filming is underway


Finally, we’re underway – over the next week we will travel to Reefton, Coleridge, Okere Falls, Wairakei, Hamilton and a bunch of other places, digging up the relics of old power stations, looking at the ones still going, and telling the story of some pretty impressive individuals who shaped New Zealand’s power sector.

But it’s not just about power stations – we’ll look at how Lloyd Mandeno created what might be the world’s first fully-electric house and talk to Sir William Gallagher about the electric fence.  And it couldn’t be a story about the origins of our fascination with hydro without a stamping battery or two thrown in, as well as some pretty important pieces of transmission.  And we’ll have a look at some innovative things Kiwis are doing today to keep pushing the boundaries.

It’s taken 3 months of intensive planning, scripting and getting permissions with Simon Reynolds and Matt Hunt from Cre8te, and Kelly Hunt from Skimming Stones.  We’ll keep regular updates here, as well as via Twitter (@WBoardEnergy).

But first off, we need to wait for our camera man Matt to recover from the dreaded lurgy.  He needs a strong stomach for the first trip, because the chopper awaits…