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Markets and Behaviour

For today and tomorrow’s decision makers and strategists.

This course gives deeper insights into this dynamic market while developing critical thinking. We provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to increase their ability to make more effective decisions and better anticipate market impacts.


What does this course cover?

  • Introduction to all electricity markets (spot, contract, wholesale, retail, investment) and the tight system coupling and interacting influences.
  • Introduction to physical complexity (Minicitiopolis demonstration).
  • The nature of physical and behaviour risk (1992 Hydro Crisis and 1998 Auckland CBD blackout case study discussion).
  • The wholesale market – high level design (what does it need to achieve?).
  • Hydrology and behaviour – signicant driver of volatility in New Zealand (hydro simulator).
  • Nodal pricing – understand what’s happening in the power system from price charts.
  • Understanding portfolio management and risk (including On Energy case study discussion).
  • Risk management and derivatives (including On Energy and trading simulators).


Course Overview

wb_icon_clock 6-8 hours of preparation

Upon registration participants gain access to the Online Resource Centre where they can view thought-provoking videos, primers and case studies before the in class sessions.

wb_icon_date 2 full day sessions at your place

With everyone at the same starting point, these highly interactive and stimulating sessions consist of group discussions, case studies, simulations and demonstrations delivered by our two expert industry trainers – Steve and David.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate what the various electricity products are, and analyse how this drives market volatility.
  • Understand how commercial and political incentives interact with technical/engineering constraints.
  • Know the basic mechanics of the wholesale market, identifying the value and risk this drives for market participants.
  • Understand some of the key historical drivers of deregulation, and thus an understanding of why the industry is as it istoday.
  • Understand how to use physical generation, hedging and consumption channels (e.g. retail) to manage value and risk, and how this applies to different market participants.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of portfolio management and risk with a fundamental understanding of the characteristics of electricity that directly affect the market and the industry.


Find out more by emailing Steve at  This course is also available as an online-only course – find out more here.


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Markets and Behaviour

This course guides you to an understanding of what drives behaviour and decisions in the industry, the market outcomes, and the commercial tradeoffs being made by market participants.


$14,000 for up to 6 people plus $1,400 per additional person (GST excl)

Jeremy Cain
"As a newcomer to the electricity sector the Whiteboard course provided valuable insight into the history, technology, politics, economics and market operations in the industry"