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History and Politics Shaping the Future

For decision makers and strategists in the electricity industry.

To operate at senior levels in the electricity industry requires an understanding and management of the technical, economic and political. The political dimension can sometimes be the most obscure.

This course combines  politics and history because it gives us a sense of context and continuity, and explains a lot of the ‘why’.

Following an entertaining online tour-de-force through the last 150 years, a highly interactive in-class session will engage you in group and case study sessions. The pinnacle of the day will be a Chatham House rules session with the Honourable Peter Hodgson, an ex-cabinet minister and Minister of Energy from 1999 to 2004.


What does this course cover?

  • Using rich examples of the interaction between the technical, economic and political, we learn about the history of the NZ electricity industry.

  • This history enables us to view our current decision making, and the decision making of others, in a context that might not otherwise make sense.

  • Knowing this is critical for our leaders in the industry because history does repeat.


Course Overview

wb_icon_clock 3-4 hours of preparation

Upon registration participants gain access to the Online Resource Centre where they can view documentary style videos, primers and case studies before the in class sessions.

wb_icon_date 1 full day in-class session

With everyone at the same starting point, these highly interactive and stimulating sessions consist of group discussions, case studies, simulations and demonstrations delivered by our two expert industry trainers.

wb_icon_month 12 months access to the Online Resource Centre

All attendees are automatically registered for the WhiteBoard Alumni to get regular newsletters and invites to exclusive networking events.


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a deep understanding of why the industry is how it is today.

  • Better understand the potential future evolution of the industry from the successes and failures of the past.

  • Through analysing actual historical decisions, be able to assist complex decisions and the assessment of their impact across the electricity industry.


Find out more by emailing Steve at  This course is also available as an online-only course – find out more here.


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History and Politics Shaping the Future

Focusing on the complex dimension of senior decision making in the electricity industry, this course explores the influence politics has and how to navigate this. Rich historical examples build an understanding of how these factors continue to shape and influence this market.



Erin Walshe
"As someone from outside the energy sector I found the course hugely beneficial and informative.  The course covered a substantial amount of detail of this important area of infrastructure.  It was taught is a very comprehensive manner that made use of hands on."