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History and Politics – Shaping the Future Online

To operate at senior levels in the electricity industry requires subtle understanding and management of the technical, economic and political. The political dimension is the one that can sometimes be the most obscure.

The political story is steeped in history which has shaped where we are today, and gives us a sense of context and continuity, explaining a lot of the “why”.  This module combines politics and history because:

  • history gives us rich examples of the interaction between the technical, economic and political,
  • history puts our current decision making, and the decision making of others, in a context that might not otherwise make sense, and
  • history does repeat.

The online material includes the way in which politics interacts with key aspects of the industry and illustrates the nature of political interaction with the ‘History of Government Involvement’ primer and ‘2003 Reregulation’ case study. The ‘Pole 1’ case study also gives insight into why the industry developed technically and structurally the way it did.

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History and Politics - Shaping the Future Online

An on-line tour through the effect of politics on decision making in the electricity industry using rich historical examples.


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"Overall an excellent course. It was rewarding to listen to Dave and Steve’s insights into the NZ electricity industry. The background reading, case studies and demos, lectures and group discussions resulted in a broad understanding of the history and current and future issues facing the New Zealand electricity industry. Well recommended."