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Sharron Came
Regulatory Strategist
Mighty River Power
"The course is taught with infectious enthusiasm and humour..."
"Exploring Electricity is a tour de force through the development of the NZ electricity market  with an emphasis on its dynamic complexities or what happens when you mix the physical characteristics of electricity with the prevailing socio-economic, political and regulatory forces and overlay it all with a market framework. It is also tremendous fun. The course is taught with infectious enthusiasm and humour by industry insiders who clearly relish what they do. I found the insights into the intricacies of portfolio management, the emerging derivates market and investment particularly useful while the Dragons Den group exercise and use of guest experts ensures each course is as unique as it is fast paced and challenging."
Golbon Zakeri
Senior Lecturer
Electric Power Optimization Centre, University of Auckland
"I strongly recommend this to anyone in the electricity sector."
"The course was an absolutely excellent course. I know many parts of NZEM and the electricity industry, however this course was comprehensive and added value for me in several areas ranging from New Zealand’s electricity history to engineering technical issues as well as accounting and finance involved in this industry. Steve and David are engaged, committed, very experienced, highly knowledgeable and they clearly enjoy what they are doing. I strongly recommend this to anyone in the electricity sector. Whiteboard has filled a glaring gap very successfully."
Daniel Pringle
Contact Energy
"an accelerated way to gain valuable industry knowledge and understanding"
"This is a great course - an accelerated way to gain valuable industry knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand market. The course has an excellent balance between breadth and detail, combining attention to industry history and politics as well as insightful simulations on market dynamics."
Glen McLatchie
General Manager ICT
Meridian Energy
"a much better understanding of the full supply chain and the challenges each participant has..."
"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who feels they have the slightest gap in understanding of the entire sector, no matter how long they have been in the industry. The course has allowed me to have a much better understanding of the full supply chain and the challenges each participant has from a political, commercial and operational perspective. When sitting around the exec table I no longer have gaps in my knowledge of the conversation."
Nick Wilson
Senior Market Res Advisor
Mighty River Power
"Great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the electricity sector and the complex factors affecting its development in an engaging format."
Prime Energy
"Great course, very informative on a complex industry. I have already used the knowledge I gained during the course back in the business environment. It’s important to cover the issues, which we did during the course, as they provide reliable insight into various factors that underpin the industry. I would highly recommend it to anyone within the sector."
Vanessa Stevens
"'Welcome to the Electricity Industry' broadened my knowledge on the electricity industry, giving me a good base for my day to day work. I have found that it enables me to understand the company I work for in more detail and why certain issues are important."
"Overall an excellent course. It was rewarding to listen to Dave and Steve’s insights into the NZ electricity industry. The background reading, case studies and demos, lectures and group discussions resulted in a broad understanding of the history and current and future issues facing the New Zealand electricity industry. Well recommended."
Erin Walshe
"As someone from outside the energy sector I found the course hugely beneficial and informative.  The course covered a substantial amount of detail of this important area of infrastructure.  It was taught is a very comprehensive manner that made use of hands on."
Jeremy Cain
"As a newcomer to the electricity sector the Whiteboard course provided valuable insight into the history, technology, politics, economics and market operations in the industry"
"An incredibly worthwhile course for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of the sector."
"Exploring electricity is a great course, plenty of rich group discussions, demonstrations and computer based simulations.  It is well presented and thought provoking."
"Comprehensive exploration of the many different drivers and perspectives in the electricity sector."
"If you thought you knew something about energy/electricity then welcome to New Zealand. If you thought you knew something about New Zealand energy/electricity then welcome to Whiteboard. Connecting the dots where it would have taken decades of practise!"
"An absolute must for anyone wanting to understand the NZ electricity industry."