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Whiteboard Energy provides training and courses for electricity companies, regulators and other organisation in New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

The course participants have greatly benefitted from the real world experience, in both the electricity industry and education, of its Facilitators.

“Steve and David are engaged, committed, very experienced, highly knowledgeable and they clearly enjoy what they are doing. I strongly recommend this to anyone in the electricity sector. Whiteboard has filled a glaring gap very successfully.”

– Golbon Zakeri, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland.

Both Stephen and David are passionate about mentoring and developing critical thinking skills in their staff, as well as being balanced, pragmatic decision makers. We are both highly motivated about encouraging exploratory discussion, clarity of thought, and team-based cross-functional discussion.


David Reeve


David Reeve has a long association with the electricity industry. He began as an electrical apprentice with Te Awamutu Electric Power Board. He moved on to engineering and NZCE (Electrical) before moving to ECNZ as part of the inaugural Waikato Hydro Control Centre, which became Mighty River Power in 1999. He was on the ‘ground floor’ of industry reform and has observed and participated in much of the (sometimes chaotic) evolution of the electricity industry since 1983 (including a secondment to ECNZ’s first NZEM trading team in 1996).

At Mighty River Power he has managed Control Centres, led Industry Strategy (including regulation), held the position of General Manager, Metrix (the metering business) and Enterprise Risk. He has considerable experience in leading, mentoring and developing small teams of advanced analysts and engineers. Since 2008 he has been consulting to the industry.


Stephen Batstone


Stephen Batstone completed a PhD in Operations Research at Canterbury University. He was part of the Energy Modelling Research Group (EMRG) as they advised CORE, ECNZ and the Wholesale Electricity Markets Development Group (WEMDG) through the evolution of the wholesale market in New Zealand. During his tenure at Canterbury, Stephen did extensive tutoring, lecturing and some consulting. He continued lecturing at Honours’ level until 2010.

After moving to the commercial sector with Mighty River Power in 2002 he has been intimately involved with the market and investment. He has held a variety of senior roles across regulatory, transmission, risk, investment and commercial groups. In his time at Mighty River Power he led numerous small-group training workshops at a range of management levels across retail, metering, development, operations and trading groups.

Stephen also led the National Energy Research Institute (NERI) over its first two years where he forged better relationships between industry and academia.

As well as being a founding director of Whiteboard he also consults to the industry.


"Overall an excellent course. It was rewarding to listen to Dave and Steve’s insights into the NZ electricity industry. The background reading, case studies and demos, lectures and group discussions resulted in a broad understanding of the history and current and future issues facing the New Zealand electricity industry. Well recommended."