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Stay ahead in the fascinating, complex and ever-evolving electricity industry.

Whiteboard Energy provides professional development services to the Electricity Industry.

We offer a range of online and in-house services covering industry inductions right through to tailored executive and director level development.

Whether you select one of our courses or require a bespoke approach, we deliver the knowledge and skills to help you to succeed in this exciting, yet complex industry.

A comprehensive range of training options

Industry inductionsOnline or in-house

Online or in-house, we have an industry leading induction to suit every organisation.

Whiteboard coursesOnline or In-house

Our business style courses are highly engaging with insightful group discussions, simulations and case study learning. For those who prefer the flexibility of learning online, our innovative online courses offer the perfect balance of video lectures, and case studies.

Executive and Senior Level DevelopmentBespoke

Tailored to each organistaions needs and current focus, we give your leaders and decision makers a deeper appreciation of this industry along with the knowledge and tools required to address the challenges they face.

Featured courseOnline

Industry Induction Online

Kick start your career with an online induction - group discounts available.


$150 + GST

Better learning, supported with rich online resources

Lightbulb Interactive allows you to navigate through the web of interconnected concepts which make up the electricity industry. This approach reinforces how things are connected to each other. Together with the videos, primers and case studies associated with each concept, this is a powerful way to connect the dots in a meaningful way.

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The Whiteboard Difference

Whiteboard Energy provide the most comprehensive range of training options for the energy industry. We are skilled trainers, passionate about our topic and about sharing knowledge in a way that will equip you with the insights and skills you require to succeed.

Our in-house sessions take a highly engaging and interactive format, rather than traditional ‘PowerPoint style’ lessons, and are supported with our innovative online resource centre. You won’t find a more experienced or enthusiastic training team.

Glen McLatchie
General Manager ICT
Meridian Energy
"a much better understanding of the full supply chain and the challenges each participant has..."
"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who feels they have the slightest gap in understanding of the entire sector, no matter how long they have been in the industry. The course has allowed me to have a much better understanding of the full supply chain and the challenges each participant has from a political, commercial and operational perspective. When sitting around the exec table I no longer have gaps in my knowledge of the conversation."